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Document Assembly

Different solution approaches are possible for the problem to combine text blocks and data to "nice looking" documents. Often a team requests that the documents used by it should be revised, reorganized, restructured and simplified and finally automated.

The solution depends on the requested task, for example: Must Word documents be created automatically using mainframe data? Should the employee in the HR department select text blocks from a dialog to create an employment contract? Is it necessary to create multiple documents from a single user input in one task? Who is administering the text blocks or base documents? If it is a contract: do we need to provide automatic numbering of the paragraphs, and are cross-references needed between the text blocks after insertion into the destination document? Must we create a custom solution, or can we use a third-party tool?

I can offer you my services comprising

  • Specification (analysis of existing documents, breakdown to textblocks, specification of the output documents, breakdown of the document complexity, detect the variable data and the possible use of interfaces)
    • Concept for a custom solution and development in VBA, Visual Basic or VB.NET


    • Recommendation and introduction of a spezialized software for document assembly

    Projects and samples

    Migration of document assemblies from a mainframe word processor

    Document assembly program for contracts

    Word: Creating Insurance contracts from mainframe data