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Data Presentation with Microsoft Office

MS Office documents cannot be used as output format for mass data. They cannot compete with the established tools for quick and secure document generation. In addition, each business sector has its standardized exchange formats for data transfer.

However, in some circumstances MS Office documents can be an appropriate and cost-neutral solution. Here some examples:

  • Data exchange is only necessary to a limited extent, needs manual changes or is just an intermediate necessity.
  • Data travel not between computers, but between persons using MS Office as the primary tool.
  • No software should be used other than the Office software already installed.
  • Users should work with or amend the documents after creation (contracts, offers, invoices).
  • Clients receive data for manual processing in of the well-known Office formats (Word, Excel).

    Depending on your requirements, I can create Add-ins in VBA /  .net or applications using Word or Excel as frontends for data from mainframe computers (based on textfile export) or from databases.